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The $ Marketplace by Banana Exchange provides
ISOs with free leads and helps ISOs get more of
their deals funded faster.

  • No cost
  • Easy management
  • Quick response
  • Keep using all your funders like today
Onboarding- Super Simple
  • Sign the Agreement
  • Get a “user” and a “password”
  • Start uploading deals
Uploading a Deal
  • Fill in the merchants name and email
  • The merchant will immediately receive a consent to use our platform
  • Once the merchant has checked the box and consented
  • Upload your deals details and submit
  • You can view the status of the deal within the platform
Getting the deal funded
  • Once the deal is submitted it is matched to 2-3 funders looking for that kind of deal
  • You will get an offer back to your email
  • You can negotiate terms directly with the funder
  • And you can manage it all within the$ marketplace

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