Banana Exchange was founded in 2017 by Mr. Eyal Levy, to try and solve one of the Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) industry's major barriers of growth - access to capital. While several MCA funders do manage to secure capital from hedge funds or different investors, the majority are shut off and this can negatively impact their ability to grow. At Banana Exchange, we believe that any MCA funder that is performing well shouldn't be barred from capital or limited in any way.

Banana Exchange funds by factoring (purchasing) MCA funders’ RTR. As the MCAs have themselves purchased this RTR from different merchants, Banana Exchange is, in essence, re-factoring the RTR. Against this purchase, Banana Exchange advances a certain percentage of the RTR, so the more RTR you have on the books, the more funding you will be eligible to receive.

Banana Exchange is headquartered in New York and backed by a US hedge fund.

Eyal Levy

President & CEO

Eyal Levy, the founder of Banana Exchange, was the founder of Platinum Funding Group (PFG) and has 25 years of extensive experience with factoring and commercial finance in the US and UK. PFG, a premier factoring company, was headquartered in New York City with offices in Chicago, Los Angeles, Florida, New Jersey and London. PFG commenced its operations in 1992, but had to cease its operations in the first quarter of 2010 as its bank lenders decided to exit the market of financing cash-flow providers. PFG was the leader of its niche financing distressed customers, with over $250 Million in annual funding.


Mr. Levy started his career at Elisra, an Israeli defense contractor that marketed sensitive electronic products to the CIA, FBI, US Air Force and US Special Forces. Currently,


Mr. Levy is a mentor in the Harvard Business School entrepreneurship program.


Amit Eisenthal

Chief Operations Officer

Amit is responsible for managing relations with company customers, partners and investors, and for overseeing product design and operations. Amit has vast experience in the Fintech credit industry, previously holding key positions in two startups that innovated credit scoring and digital asset backed credit. Before Fintech, Amit worked as developer and project manager for 6 years at Check Point, a leader in cyber security.

Vladimir Gisser

Chief Technology Officer

Vladimir Gisser, CTO at Banana Exchange, is based in the Banana Exchange Boston office, leading Banana Exchange’s R&D Department. Mr. Gisser has over 15 years of experience in the hi-tech industry, specializing in the architecture of complex systems for enterprise solutions. He is responsible for the organization’s Research & Development efforts in achieving the product vision.

Tal Lea Levy

Marketing Director

Tal Lea Levy, Marketing Director, joined Banana Exchange in 2018 and is responsible for overseeing the development and implementation of marketing strategies as well as manages the Banana Exchange Social Media and website activities. Tal has extensive marketing experience and a comprehensive knowledge of branding.

Graeme Maisels

Sales Director

Graeme Maisels, Sales Director, joined Banana Exchange in 2020 and is responsible for sales, onboarding and retention of Banana Exchange customers. Graeme leads sales strategies, manages the sales team and leads business development. Graeme has 20 years of financial experience in both banking and fintech companies.

Bella Levy

Business Development

Dr. Bella Levy, PhD, joined Banana Exchange in 2020. Bella has an extensive background in business development as she worked side-by-side Eyal Levy in running PlatinumArt, a high-end art factoring business, for over 10 years.