Banana Exchange is a factoring company that provides capital to merchant cash advance (“MCA”) companies.


MCAs often encounter limited availability to credit while striving to secure larger inventories and new clients.  MCAs also typically face large and frequently unanswered requests to meet the capital needs of their largely overlooked sector of the business community. This creates a need for additional sources of funding, to increase their working capital and enable positive growth, which is not readily available from traditional lending sources.


Our unique funding model is NOT dependent on the credit worthiness of the individual owner, the MCA’s financial strength, or that of the individual merchants in the MCA’s portfolio. Unlike traditional financing, Banana Exchange provides funds regardless of the credit or balance sheet of their clients, and approves funding based only on the MCA’s Right to Receive (“RTR”) portfolio.


Banana Exchange has a program with its affiliate, Banana Funding Group (“BFG”), which factors an MCA’s existing accounts’ RTR. BFG advances up to 50% against the purchase of RTR – future, credit card or cash receivables, in the portfolio of the MCA companies.


In addition, Banana Exchange is also a software platform for MCAs, allowing them to manage their funding portfolios. A web-based interface allows multiple user access levels, assisting MCAs in managing their portfolios and completing daily responsibilities more efficiently. The platform also allows them to manage their RTR risk exposures and monitor the funding and repayments of their portfolio via the ACH providers.


Finally, Banana Exchange has established a network of syndication partners to provide funding for MCA’s larger deals.


Banana Exchange’s management has over 30 years of experience in specialty financing, having successfully funded several billion dollars to growing companies and assisted in their cash flow solutions.