JoJo’s corner

First I would like to tell you how it all started and how I got this job.

My boss says that everything in life begins with luck….so I guess that day was my lucky one.

I went to the market to get some fresh bananas and at the entrance I saw a chair that said “YOUR BANANA NEEDS YOU”.

As the banana expert that I am,

I asked the guy next to it “Excuse me, but what is this all about”.

He said “Hi, my name is Eyal Levy and I am the CEO of Banana Exchange a new concept for financing MCA providers and I came to the market to look for a marketing guy.”

Eyal explained to me that large MCA providers can obtain financing from hedge funds and conventional institutions but most of the small MCA providers can’t, so that’s why he developed this unique methodology for funding the smaller ones.

I applied for the job on the spot and based on my credentials I was accepted immediately and the rest is history.

When I sat in that chair and thought of marketing ideas for this unique product that does not exist anywhere else in the world, the first idea was to create a video that explains it all. We needed a simple tool to educate the MCA market of this new concept.

Please click the link below so you can see my view of how things are done here at Banana Exchange. The video is about 5 minutes, so take your time, enjoy the show and tell me what you think.