BANANA EXCHANGE owns and operates a proprietary software technology and business methodology that assists and supports MCA providers and their participating partners by providing, reporting, communications, and daily collections. Banana Exchange’s platform controls and monitors the funding process offered to its clients.

Banana Exchange offers funding to MCA providers that are using the Banana Exchange software platform as well as MCA providers that have their own software platforms.

All contact information and sensitive documents are stored in the Cloud, so they are accessible anywhere. This allows the client to work remotely to search contracts, history of deals and gives the client the ability to retrieve all data and documents with ease.

BANANA EXCHANGE  will factor the existing and future accounts receivable (RTR) of the MCA providers.

Banana Exchange will advance up to 50% against purchasing of specific future, credit cards or cash receivables, Rights To Receive (RTR) in the portfolio of the MCA providers.